Chodský Pes

This breed has its origin in history. In his work extolling the Chodsko region (1923-1924), the writer Jindrich Simoon Baar described dogs from the Sumava region, which he called Chodsky. These balanced and very tenacious dogs were used for guarding and protecting and to round up cattle. There are many writings and illustrations linked with the region of Chodsko. J.A. Gabriel, writing about Chodsko in 1864, described the local people with the nick-name “Dogheads”, as their pennon featured the silhouette of a typical sheepdog with a longer coat at the neck – their faithful home guard. The existence of longhaired sheepdogs who were faithful helpers and guards was also described by the writer A. Jirásek in his novel entitled “Dog-heads”, illustrated by Mikoás Als. One cannot of course claim that the above documents state facts of the origin of the present-day Chodsky Dog. It is simply a historical support for the existence of a well-established type of sheepdog with origin in the Czech territory.

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