Dortmund and Leipzig now Double International Shows with new Titles

In 2013 the VDH will be staging both the Dortmund and Leipzig shows as double international shows. These changes will allow exhibitors to double register to win a CACIB twice in the course of one week-end. The VDH member clubs agreed on a corresponding amendment to the show regulations on 7 January 2013.

At each of the three show weekends (May, August and October) one title eligible for registration will be awarded. Alongside the well-established titles “VDH European Winner” and “National Winner” in future there will also be a “German Winner” awarded as part of the German Winner Show Leipzig.

Together with a challenge certificate for a champion title won at one of the other shows each of these three titles will entitle participation in the Champions Class. Challenge certificates for the German Champion (VDH) will count double at the VDH European Winner Show, at the German Winner Show and at the National Winner Show; the status of the reserve challenge certificates will be enhanced to become full challenge certificates.

Honorary Class Dropped

In line with the new FCI show regulations the VDH has decided to dispense with the Honorary Class. The fact that up to now the VDH show regulations for the Honorary Class allowed dogs coming first to compete as best of breed – a provision which was contrary to the FCI regulations – also led to the necessity for such action.

New Title: “VDH Winner of the Year”

Further changes for the future involve establishing a competition for the “VDH Winner of the Year”. The terms regarding this award will be applicable to all international shows in Germany.

The title “VDH Winner of the Year” will be awarded to dogs who, during the course of a calendar year, have received at least four CACIBs, of which at least two must be at different VDH show weekends (VDH European Winner & International Show / National Winner & International Show / German Winner Show & International Show) and at least two at other international shows in Germany.

Applications for the title “VDH Winner of the Year” which also entitle entry in the Champion Class can be made free of charge to the VDH.

To apply please forward the following to the VDH:

  • Four copies of the judge’s report form
  • Copy of pedigree chart
  • Details of owner with current address (for inserting in title certificate)

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