The stadium


The stadium is the Jahn-Stadium, in Rheine. The driving directions are clearly marked from the motorway. The stadium is an Athletic-Stadium around with running tracks. There are two grandstands for spectators. The main grandstand in longitudinal direction to the greenfield and the secondary next to it but without roof. The number of covered seats is about 1.500. Indoor rooms for the trial organizers are sufficiently available. The stadium has a TV-quality floodlighting system.

Obedience and protection work will be alternated at the stadium.
By constant rain the devices for obedience and blinds for the protection have to be changed when needed. Parking space for participants and team leaders are sufficiently, but only for those, who have to be at the Stadium direct around the Stadium, all other have to move about 1.000 m but from there is a free bus shuttle. 

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