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Friday: September 15, 2017


If you want visit the open come together party on Friday with music - entrance free, you are also pleased to let Ms Losa (E-Mail: losa[at]vdh[.]de) know, whether or not you would like to have dinner and it will be served: Each meal will cost 12,50 €

1. beef goulash with noodles and vegetables
2. pork cutlet (without bones= Schnitzel) with mixed vegetables and potato gratin
3. poultry Schnitzel with rice and a mixed salad

Vegetarians can get a plate with mixed salad butter an rolls.

You do not need to pay the ticket in advance, you can pick up your reserved tickets latest on Wednesday at the information desk at the stadium, there you can pay cash.


Saturday: September 16, 2017


In order to plan the banquet on Saturday evening, we need your help, so we ask you, to inform Ms. Losa - losa[at]vdh[.]de - in advance - but latest 11th of September how many tickets included dinner you need. The ticket price is 30,00 Euro per person. It would help, it you tell, what you want to eat:

1. Zuricher sliced grilled meet with Spätzle (special noodles) and vegetables
2. stuffed beef roulade with potatoes and red cabbage
3. Salmon fillet with mustard sauce emperor vegetables and croquettes

Vegetarians can get a vegetable plate with rolls.


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