We in the VDH understand dogs.

Our activities are marked by the high standards we are devoted to achieving a uniformly high quality in the performance of membership associations and clubs – not only with regard to dogs, but also to people who care for dogs.

We make an active contribution to international understanding in cynology beyond the barriers of countries and organisations.

In doing so we combine our day-to-day practical experience with knowledge supplied by science and research. We do this for the welfare of dogs, dog keeping, training and breeding.


We in the VDH pursue our commitment to dogs with passion, knowledge and high personal commitment.

For us, dogs stand for a healthy nature and a living culture, for a good quality of life and for an age-old and true partnership.

This is why we say: »We belong together.« Dogs are our partners. They provide us with pleasure at home and in the family, and provide valuable services to society in all forms of activities.

Dog-keeping demands knowledge, sensitivity and care. Breeding, training and sport are special challenges.


We in the VDH, our membership associations and clubs create many different opportunities to experience our love for dogs in an open community of like-minded people.

We are duty-bound to helpfulness and consideration, and uphold a fair dialogue in all questions concerning cynology. We are committed to healthy competition in dog sports, breeding and exhibitions.

We promote talents in all areas concerning dogs. We regard it as an important duty to win over all dog lovers to the VDH who agree with its aims and wish to adopt its high cynological standards for themselves.


We in the VDH, our membership associations and clubs stand for the long history of living with dogs in Germany.

Our responsibility is always to continue to promote and re-create the relationship between people and dogs for the benefit of society. In 1906 the basis was laid down for our work as the leading cynological institution in Germany.

We have always felt duty-bound to meet the challenge of successful breeding and the worldwide distribution of the many different German dog breeds.

We are specially devoted to working with working dogs and the welfare of gun dogs. We regard it as a continually new challenge to strengthen people’s trust in the quality of our cynological advice.

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