Resolutions against Russia & Belarus

The VDH is following the terrible events in Ukraine with great dismay and our thoughts are with the innocent victims of senseless violence.

BUNDESTAGSWAHL 2021 - What can dog owners in Germany expect?

On the occasion of the upcoming Bundestag elections, the VDH asked political parties to comment on current issues concerning dog ownership in Germany. The focus was on issues for which the Bundestag is responsible as a legislative body. For example, the area of dog taxation was not asked for, as it is up to the municipalities to decide on its structure.

Breed Specific Instructions

The VDH Board has put into effect the Breed Specific Instructions (BSI) for all shows. The BSI contain recommendations to the judge to observe the breed specific risk areas and to consider problems and functionality in these areas. They are a supplement to the breed standard, which describes breed-specific characteristics and behavior.

"Ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung" VDH

Under special hygienic conditions, the VDH General Assembly could be held as an attendance event in the Stadthalle Hagen on 1 August.


A total of 76 VDH member clubs had sent their representatives to the regular General Assembly. In addition to the elections, changes in the VDH Constitution and Rules were discussed and voted on.

Dog sports - a hobby that inspires dogs and people alike:

As the headline says, dog sports are the focus of this center of this article. To this the approach takes place step by step. Starting from that, which humans to appreciate, a change is made in the second section to the perspective of that of what makes a dog's heart beat faster. Subsequently, the fit and compatibility of the needs and behavioral possibilities of both species are refl ected. At the end the importance of dog sports in this context is discussed and how the same and how it is connected with breeding and showing. with the exhibition system.



Bundessieger-Ausstellung 2021 Gelsenkirchen

Due to the current Corona situation, the German Winner Show 2021 cannot take place at Messe Dortmund. Instead, after the German Winner Show 2021 has been successful, we will again hold a three-day open-air show at the greyhound racing track from 22 - 24 October 2021 in Gelsenkirchen. Entries are expected to be open from 06 September 2021 and will be limited to 1,100 entries per day.

Dogs & Fun 2023

From May 12-14, 2023, Messe Dortmund will be transformed into a huge dog paradise. Breed presentations, a large show program, numerous join-in activities and sales booths with all products for the dog at low trade fair prices provide fun and variety. Service providers, specialized media, dealers and breeders present themselves with their products, information and animal demonstrations.

Controversal breed charcteristics, selection programmes, cross-breeding

According to the FCI regulations, which are binding for its members, both breed standards and fundamental phenotypic characteristics of dog breeds can only be changed if the Kennel Club in the country of origin of the breed and the FCI agree. If a kennel club were to ignore these conditions, it would be threatened with sanctions. As will be shown, this does not mean that the populations concerned must remain as they are, but legal aspects must be taken into account when positively influencing them.

Brachycephalic dog breeds

Even in the midst of the corona crisis and given that under the present conditions of reduced capacity kennel clubs have little room to manoeuvre, there is an increasing tendency in some countries to impose strict conditions on dogs with short muzzles. Nine months ago, I informed the members of the VDH clubs in great detail about this important complex of topics, and today I would like to outline briefly what has happened in the meantime and how things might continue in the relatively near future not only in Germany but also in the entire area of validity covered by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Dog Shows in 2020

Dog Shows 2020 are now online. You can find an overview here:


VDH-Europasieger & Frühjahrssieger Show

1. entry deadline: 08 April 2020

From 12th to 14th June 2020 the VDH European Winner & Spring Winner Exhibition will take place in Dortmund. Register your dog to one of the largest exhibitions in Germany! Over 8,000 pedigree dogs from 30 nations present themselves to renowned breeding judges from all over the world.





Norway: multiple cases of a serious disease of dogs have occured

In Norway, multiple cases of a serious disease of dogs have occured . The VDH therefore recommends its member clubs and National associations not to admit dogs living in Norway to events, exhibitions and sports competitions in Germany for the next 14 days. The VDH thus follows the decisions made by the Kennel Clubs in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Bundessieger & Herbstsieger Show

Extended: 10 September

The Bundessieger & Herbstsieger-Show will take place from 11–13 October 2019 in Dortmund. You have the double chance for titles and challenge certificates. Join the biggest dog show in Germany!

Judges list

New fitness test for pugs

VDH, GKF and veterinary universities launch study to improve health of flat-faced dogs.

Brachycephalic dog breeds have shorter muzzles and flatter faces than other breeds. Extreme brachycephalic breeds may suffer health problems, the most obvious being shortness of breath and impaired thermal regulation.

Visit Germany and the famous Shows in Dortmund and Leipzig

Three weekends with Double Shows with national (CAC) and international (CACIB) titles in the middle of the Ruhr Metropolis, Leipzig.

The VDH represents Germany in the World Canine Organisation

The VDH represents Germany in the World Canine Organisation, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Currently 344 different breeds of dog are recognised by the FCI. The breed standards are overseen by the FCI member associations from the place of origin of the relevant breed. Germany sets the standards for 32 breeds of dog.


The international dog sport finds its yearly high point in the FCI IPO World Championship. The 2017 FCI IPO World Championship will take place, for the second time now, in Rheine, Germany.

VDH Annual Trophy Show & International Show Hannover 2017

The VDH Annual Trophy Show & International Show will take place in Hannover on June 10/11th. Three big halls on the fairground Hannover provide comfortable space for this Double CACIB Show. Judges from all around the world are invited to one of the biggest shows of Germany. All rings are large and fully carpeted. You have the chance to reach the CACIB and CAC twice a weekend.

World Dog Show 2017

We are pleased that the FCI has given the VDH the honorable and ambitious task of hosting the World Dog Show 2017. The World Dog Show will take place in Leipzig from 9 to 12 November. The day before the World Dog Show, the VDH will hold the German Winner Show on 8 November 2017 in the same location and not in August as originally planned. Leipzig will be a festival for the dogs and we warmly invite you to join in the celebrations!

Working Group for Restructuring the FCI : 1st meeting

The Working Group for Restructuring the FCI (WGRF) met in Madrid on January 13, 2016 in order to address several matters in the frame of the modernisation of the FCI and with a view to make our Federation more pro-active.

Visit Germany and the famous Shows in Dortmund and Hannover

Three weekends with Double Shows with national (CAC) and international (CACIB) titles in the middle of the Ruhr Metropolis and Hannover.

World Dog Show China 2019 – The Position Of The VDH

After extensive preparation, the China Kennel Union became a contractual partner of the FCI in April 2006, an associated member of the FCI in July 2011 and ultimately a full-fledged FCI member in May 2013.


You can enter until next Wednesday (16 september 2015), 12.00 noon for the biggest Dog Show of Germany. Two International Shows with National (CAC) and International (CACIB) Titles.


The VDH is the leading representative of the interests of all dog owners in Germany – the number one address for people living with dogs, dog sports and dog breeding.

Dog Health Workshop, 14 & 15 Feb. 2015, Dortmund / DE

The 2nd International Workshop on Enhancement of Genetic Health in Pedigree Dogs will be arranged by the German Kennel Club in Dortmund on February 14-15, 2015.

Puppy mills – no thank you!

VDH and animal welfare organisations warn about buying bargain basement puppies online. In addition to the serious problems that exist in the breeding and the subsequent transport of the young animals, the puppy trade also leads to further dangers that are caused by the imported dogs once they are grown.

Dogs in Motion

This book explores the locomotion of dogs in a highly scientific yet easily accessible manner. An innovative illustrative style brings the dog anatomy to life and makes clear the way in which the skeleton, the muscles and locomotion fit together.

Dog Shows in Germany

Here dog lovers and breeders can find out what is going on and where. This overview will provide you with information on all the important dates in the coming months.

Bullies, Pugs and Bulldogs – the current top runners

The snub-nosed are currently high up on the list of favourite dogs. And dubious dealers have already sniffed out the opportunity to earn easy money. VDH breeders know what to look for. At the VDH even French Bulldogs & Co have to clear high hurdles for breeding. By means of a stress test, for example, they have to prove that they really are top runners.

VDH-Europasieger & International Dog Show

The VDH-Europasieger & International Dog Show will take place from 9-11 May 2014 in Dortmund. Over 8.000 dogs from all around the world.

Dortmund and Leipzig now Double International Shows with new Titles

Dortmund and Leipzig now Double International Shows with new Titles

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