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Resolutions against Russia & Belarus

The VDH is following the terrible events in Ukraine with great dismay and our thoughts are with the innocent victims of senseless violence.

Breed Specific Instructions

The VDH Board has put into effect the Breed Specific Instructions (BSI) for all shows. The BSI contain recommendations to the judge to observe the breed specific risk areas and to consider problems and functionality in these areas. They are a supplement to the breed standard, which describes breed-specific characteristics and behavior.

"Ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung" VDH

Under special hygienic conditions, the VDH General Assembly could be held as an attendance event in the Stadthalle Hagen on 1 August.


A total of 76 VDH member clubs had sent their representatives to the regular General Assembly. In addition to the elections, changes in the VDH Constitution and Rules were discussed and voted on.

Signature campaign against far-reaching EU antibiotics ban

For the good of all animals, the German Association of Practising Veterinarians (bpt) is campaigning in veterinary practices to ensure that all antibiotics approved for veterinary medicine continue to be available for the treatment of all animals in the future, so that no animal has to die.

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