VDH Membership Clubs

The VDH is the umbrella organisation for more than 168 membership organisations in the whole of Germany. Here you can find the contact details for all VDH organizations.

VDH-Membership Clubs

The 176 clubs in the VDH are made up as follows:

  • 16 VDH Federal State associations
  • 156 pedigree breeding clubs, which care for one or more breeds
  • The German Sports Dog Associations (dhv and DVG), which are solely concerned with training and sporting activities with dogs.

The following are represented as extraordinary members of the VDH:

  • The Gun Dog Association (JGHV),responsible for examining gun dogs.
  • 2 greyhound racing clubs, exclusively concerned with staging greyhound races.

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The "VDH - Member associations" will be listed in alphabetical order here.

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