Dog Health Workshop,
14 & 15 Feb. 2015, Dortmund / DE

The International Workshop on Enhancement of Genetic Health in Pedigree Dogs, the Dog Health Workshop, was for the first time organized in Stockholm June 2012. It provides an opportunity for various stakeholders to exchange experiences and views on dog genetic health. The overall aim is to boost the collaborative actions needed for a healthy, long term sustainable dog breeding.

The 2nd International Workshop on Enhancement of Genetic Health in Pedigree Dogs will be arranged by the German Kennel Club in Dortmund on February 14-15, 2015.

The workshop aims at providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and views on the enhancement of canine genetic health and to create an international platform for various stakeholders, e.g., geneticists, veterinarians and representatives from cynological and animal welfare organizations that share a responsibility for dog health. Participants are expected to be well-acquainted with issues related to dog breeding and actively participate in the discussions. The workshop will be held in English. Take the opportunity to participate in the collaborative actions for healthier dogs!

To stimulate collaborative actions for enhanced canine health, various key issues will be introduced and discussed in the format of workshops:

  • Behaviour
  • Breed Specific Health Strategies
  • Genetic Testing
  • Dogs in Motion

For each workshop key persons have been invited to introduce the topic and to facilitate the discussion. Among the participants will be members of the FCI Standard, Breeding and Scientific Committees, that will meet in conjunction with the workshop.

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